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This blog is about the transition of image libraries from The Piston Project to a new organization: Image-rs

Why Image Libraries are Moving

Today, the transitioning of the popular image library to the new Image-rs will be completed.

This is the first of several libraries that be moved, which I and other maintainers feel belong under the new organization. Now that the main issues and concerns have been resolved for the image library, I expect that much less time is required to move other libraries.

There are several reasons these libraries are moving:

  • Better security
  • More focus
  • More activity

In addition to these important reasons, there is an opportunity for new people to lead.

Publishing Permissions

The permissions to publish on for these crates will move from the Publish team in The Piston Project to the Publish team under Image-rs.

I (bvssvni) plan to participate in the new organization as a contributor.

Today, requires private owners to add or remove other owners. For security reasons, my own owner permissions will be removed and replaced by the owners of Image-rs.

Owner and Leadership Transition

Previously, the image libraries were part of The Piston Project and therefore under supervision of myself (bvssvni).

Under the new organization, there are 3 active contributors to image libraries that will serve this role under the transition, in case anything unexpected happens (alphabetic order):

  • fintelia
  • HeroicKatora
  • theotherphil

Among those 3, HeroicKatora has been working on inviting policy for the new organization, which is important for setting a future direction of these projects.

Personal Comments on the Transition

Due to two recent occurences of suspicious activity, my focus has been on the security of The Piston Project. This has delayed other work and made me aware of how much time it takes to just run The Piston Project and AdvancedResearch.

  • People working on image libraries deserve the best working environment it is possible to make
  • Now fundamental image libraries are in place, The Piston Project should continue focus on research and experimenting
  • Security is not just important for safety, but also to reduce waste of time

It makes completely sense to me to move these libraries to a new organization.

The way it looks now for Image-rs, I am proud to be part of the new organization.
I hope that other people will feel the same and welcome the change.