v0.7 is released! See PR for new features.

Also, started dyon_interactive, a library for interactive programming with the Piston game engine.

What is Dyon?

Dyon is a rusty dynamically typed scripting language

… without a garbage collector, but uses a lifetime checker.

… and has a simple optional type system and a mutability checker.

… and has Go-like coroutines, Javascript-like object model, Rusty lifetimes.

… and got space-insensitive syntax, but no semicolons (except in the ancient For loop).

… and 4D vectors, built-in syntax for HTML colors, and dynamic modules.

… and you can use return as variable, mathematical declaration of functions, and mathematical loops like ∑/sum, min, max, sift, ∃/any, ∀/all loops.

… and got some nice syntax for vector algebra.

… and meta parsing, a result of Piston research (more information about this later).

… you know, for game scripting and such!

See List of features for more information.

I know what Dyon is, where is the editor plugin?!

Install instructions



I can’t write a long post this time.

Got to go, there is nice weather outside :)