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This blog post is a brief summary of what happened the past 7 months in the Piston project.

Piston (Core)

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I forgot to mention in last blog post that there is a new example using the rs-tiled and piston together.

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Conrod is an UI framework that makes it easy to program UIs in Rust.

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Image is a very popular image library with pure-Rust encoders and decoders.

Recently we have made a collective effort to reduce the burden of maintenance and got rid of the PR queue. Thanks to people making PRs helping each other with reviews! We started an image working group where you can chat with people working on Rust image libraries.

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Imageproc is a library for image processing.

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Dyon is a scripting language with lifetime checker instead of garbage collection, a similar object model to Javascript and lots of other features useful for gamedev.

Dyon-Interactive is now upgraded with many new features.

You can now install dyongame on your computer:

cargo install piston-dyon_interactive --example dyongame

To run, type dyongame <file.dyon>

Other news:

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Turbine is a long term project to develop a game engine with built-in editor.

Currently some components are developed separately and tested, for later be used in the game engine.


A part of Piston project is research, which moved to its own organization when unrelated to game development.

I have been busy the past half year working on the control problem of artificial super-intelligent agents (ASI). Basically, no one knows how yet how to solve this important research problem, but we believe we are getting closer.

There will only be a few bullet points here, the rest you have to start exploring here.

  • A “Polite Zen Robot” (PZR) might be made safely extensible by using neutral judgements (Link to paper)
  • Granular judgments indicates rational agents might cooperate if their future identity is uncertain (Link to paper)
  • @forefinger suggested a mechanism for bounded utility functions in the human brain linked to the role of serotonin (Link to paper)
  • @forefinger made a mathematical model of the cerebellum (!) (Link to repository)
  • We will start combining Piston and AdvancedResearch to create simulated environments for agents (and use other Rust projects as well!) (Link to repository)